Venue Spotlight: Jean Acres

It takes a lot to rebuild. To have your dream crushed by nature and come back better the second time. That’s the story of Jean Acres in Ellsworth, WI. A story of love that can’t be stopped. 

Jean Acres is located less than 50 miles from the Twin Cities metro and offers a beautiful barn venue with all the amenities you’ve come to expect as a couple looking for the perfect venue. 

From the Jean Acres website:

In 2013 we lost our beautiful historic red barn in a storm. The loss of our beloved old barn became a catalyst for a new chapter at Jean Acres. We were able to save our old silo, and rebuild on the exact site of our original barn. What resulted, was a barn like no other—the beautiful knotty pine interior reaches for the rafters, creating a magical space lit with warm twinkling lights. The exterior was designed with a nod to classic Wisconsin barn styles and our own lost historic barn. ​Though we miss our old red barn, our new barn has opened up a world of joyful celebration to the Jean family and all of our special guests.

The previous barn at Jean Acres

Every spot on the property is picturesque and beautiful. Every spot is an amazing place to take photos and enjoy a sweet moment as newlyweds. And with the  cocktail bar and Bridal and Groom’s separate rooms, it is the perfect place to host your special day.

Want to learn more about them? Check them out here! 

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