Cooking with Kringle – Pizza Night!

Our next Cooking with Kringle is happening soon and here’s your shopping list!

We’ve added everything to Instacart and you can order directly from there!

Pasta Sauce:

Hunt’s tomato sauce 15 oz x2

Hunt’s tomato paste 6 oz x2

Tone’s dried ground oregano x1

Fresh Garlic bunch (6-8 cloves) x1

Yellow onion x1

Margherita Pizza:


Pillsbury pizza crust, classic 13.8oz roll x1

Belgiosio fresh mozzarella, sliced 8 oz x1

Urbanize Farm hydro basil .8 oz x1

(premade pizza sauce)

Chicken Pesto Pizza w/ Arugula and Parmesan:

Pillsbury pizza crust, classic 13.8 oz x1

True hyvee natural chicken $5.00/lb x1

Brilla rustic basil pesto sauce 6 oz x1

Dole Arugula 5 oz bag x1

Crystal farms shaved Wisconsin parmesan cheese 5oz x1

Lemon x1

Tater tot Hotdish Pizza:

Pillsbury pizza crust, classic 13.8 oz x1

Campbell’s cream of mushroom condensed soup 10.5 oz x1

Ground beef roll 80/20 1lb. roll x1

Ore-Ida golden tater tots seasoned shredded potatoes 32 oz bag x1

Yellow onion x1

Monterey sliced baby bellas, portabella mushrooms 8 oz x1

Kraft shredded mozzarella cheese 8 oz zippak x1

Kraft shredded mild cheddar cheese 8 oz zip pak x1

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