Press Release: A’Britin Catering Does Nearly 500 Events in 2020 With No COVID-19 Outbreaks

A’Britin Catering Announces Completing Nearly 500 Events With No COVID-19 Outbreaks

A Truly Monumental Achievement In A Complex Year

Farmington, MN: With the Catering season finished, A’Britin is proud to announce that we have completed nearly 500 events, both weddings and corporate events, with no outbreaks of COVID-19.

“It’s an achievement and I am so incredibly proud of our team,” Owner Seth Brittian said when asked about the milestone.

When asking James Gonzalez, A’Britin’s VP of Corporate Sales, “The fact that we are doing things the right way proves that we can continue doing events effectively and safely,” James said, beaming with pride.

Expanding on James’ sentiment, VP of Business Development Jordan Feist said “I was on the phone with the majority of our clients and I was having to be someone they could rely on. I saw so many tears in the beginning of COVID become happy tears at the end of their event. They were happy to be working with a company that was able safely and successfully execute their event and have something to look forward to in a year that everyone needed something to look forward to.”

Executive Head Chef Andrew Garner echoed that with “I couldn’t be prouder of the kitchen staff with the safety measures we put into place and the self-quarantine they put themselves in to keep our building safe. It truly shows their devotion to making a bride and groom’s day safe and wonderful after 500 events of over 100 guests each and no outbreaks.”

”Our clients were so happy to have something to look forward to in such a cloudy, dark year.” – Jordan Feist

For more information about this story and how A’Britin is doing events safely and being a catering industry leader, please contact Alex Buck at

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