Employee Spotlight: Cally

What brought you to A’Britin?

I was looking for a job out of college, and I saw the position open that sounded interesting and something I’d want to do. I wanted to be in the event industry all through college and it’s been so fun!


What has been your favorite part about working here?

I have two parts! I love the people I work with. I feel like we’ve become family and they make me look forward to coming into the office. My second favorite part is being able to work with clients for the biggest day of their lives. I love seeing the process and the joy of weddings is something truly special.

What has been a favorite memory of working here?

Pranking James! I was pretty new when we did that and I felt like a part of the family after that. They got me pretty good after that.

What are you excited about in the future?

I’m excited to continue to work with couples and see the success of so many great weddings. I’m so excited to help them plan the best day of their lives and keep working with people that make the job easy to come back to.


What do you like to do in your free time?

I like to watch sports and spend time with family and friends. I LOVE coffee so I like finding new coffee shops. Concerts and traveling are also really high on my list.

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