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Tablescape Trends for your 2019 Wedding

As a catering and hospitality company, we are often asked to share our opinions on how to set up a tablescape for weddings and other events. There are so many amazing options to choose from, and really, no two weddings needs to be the same. The beauty and joy that comes in designing what your wedding reception tables will look like will ensure that your tablescape is authentic, original, and 100% what you are looking for.

This all said, there are definitely some key trends that are increasingly popular amongst 2019 brides.

unique napkin fold at Weddings at the Broz venue
holiday decor at Belle’s Event Center, Photo by Daniela Rollin Photography

The napkin fold – really, it’s a thing!

Believe it or not, the actual fold of the napkins at your table can create an ultimate focal point for your place setting. At A’BriTin Catering & Hospitality, the most common napkin folds that we see are the tent, the pocket, or the drape. Each of these folds serves a slightly different purpose, and can really complete the look you are going for.

premium water service at the Historic John P. Furber Farm venue
premium water service at the Historic John P. Furber Farm venue

Water service – avoiding dehydration at your reception

Though you may not realize it, the way you serve your water at your table can really impact the look. In a recent wedding that we catered at the Red Barn Farm of Northfield, MN, the bride and groom elected to set out bottles of water at each place setting. As it was expected to be a very hot day, not only was this appreciated by guests, but it actually created a lovely balance as well as some height at each place setting.

If you are going for a more formal or elegant look, premium water service is a hot trend. Here, water goblets or glasses are located at each place setting, and the catering or bar staff fills the glasses shortly before guests arrive. The water, especially when chilled, creates an elegant look next to the place settings.

eco-friendly setting

Eco-friendly – an absolute delight as a place setting

Sustainability is one of 2019’s hottest wedding trends, and our brides and grooms are eating this up – literally. More than ever, couples are opting for environmentally friendly options, and this includes the tablescape. Our eco-friendly package has been a hit with brides and grooms as it includes a lovely pressed palm-leaf square plate with compostible utensils and disposable napkins. We’ve even had brides and grooms go so far as to bring in bio-degradable cups for use at the bar. 

These environmentally friendly dishes and silverware not only make the wedding party feel better about the carbon footprint they are leaving, but it also creates a truly unique look on the table.

brass accents at Weddings at the Broz venue, styled by Six Pence Events
brass accents at Weddings at the Broz venue, styled by Six Pence Events

This year’s hot color trends – bronze and dusty blue

Popular colors this year include bronze and dusty blue. Either as a stand-alone color or when combined, these colors create a lovely elegant look that are perfect for a plated meal, or even a buffet-style experience. To take it up a notch, add in some copper design elements or some natural effects such as wax leaves and fruit-themed décor.

romantic dusty blue decor by Oliver and Grace at Belle’s Event Center
calligraphy piece by Oliver and Grace at Belle’s Event Center

We’ve seen brides and grooms takes the bronze and dusty blue look to an entirely new level by incorporating personalized pieces. At one of the recent events that we catered, the bride and groom had created letters to their guests. The letters were printed in white frost lettering on clear acrylic or lucite, and were then placed into a very delicate bronze frame. Not only was this absolutely elegant, but it created a very special touch that guests loved.

vintage plates

Going vintage is always on trend

It’s not necessary to always use the latest and greatest at your reception tables. In fact, many bridal parties elect to go vintage and select vintage plates of various colors and designs at their tables. Interchanging mismatched vintage plates with glassware and handmade runners that pick up on the bride’s color palate are an exceptional delight. Fill the glass with some full white blooms, succulents, and pampas grass or lush green leaves and your tablescape will become a subject of joyful conversation all night long and beyond.

menu card

Feed me – the rise of the menu card

At most wedding receptions, guests want to know what they are going to be eating. And, there are so many clever ways that you can share what you will be serving that evening. Some of our favorites include the calligraphed menu card set on top of each place setting. Not only can you share what you will be serving, but many brides and grooms opt to add a little note to their guests at the bottom.

Other favorite ideas include ornate displays set on the place card table. As guests are looking to see where they will be sitting, they can take a look at all of the tantalizing menu items that they will be experiencing in just a short while. We also love the personalized napkin and menu combination. Though this might take a bit more work in advance, not only do you get to share your menu, but your guests can even take their napkins as a gift from your event. And don’t worry, if you select this option, we’ll ensure your guests have an alternate option that they can use to keep their hands clean during the meal.

candle and moody decor at Weddings at the Broz by Empiria Studios

Illumination remains

Finally, the use of short tea-light type candles set throughout the table continues to be popular. But, the taper candle trend of years gone by has returned. These long candles were once believe to only suit more formal or high-end events, but in reality, they can complement just about any look that you are trying to create, and with minimal effort. It only takes a few tapers to boost your tablescape and create a low-cost but elegant look. In this particular photo, the wedding designer created an elegantly gothic and Victorian inspired look. Thus, as you can see, you can find taper candles in just about any color you can desire, which makes it easy to align with the bride’s color palate for the day or evening. You can even pair mismatched vintage candlesticks and candle holders for a truly romantic effect.

wood and rustic tables

Wood brings a rustic charm

With barns and farms becoming a popular venue for weddings, more and more receptions are showing long wooden tables with benches instead of the traditional eight-person round tables that were so popular years ago. Along with great table designs, wooden planks on top of thinner table-cloths have created a fun and dimensional way to showcase small jars of flowers and candles.

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