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Holiday parties have a positive impact on employee morale

By Ann Bloomquist Jarema

Throughout my career, I’ve had the opportunity to work for a variety of amazing organizations. And one of the employee benefits that I was always pleasantly surprised by was the presence of an employee-focused holiday party. Receiving the invitation to these parties always made me a bit giddy, not only because of the opportunity to enjoy some great food and entertainment, but also because I am an extreme advocate of enhancing the employee experience.

In any business, your employees are the difference between success and failure. If your employees aren’t happy, it’s difficult to expect them to take care of your customers. And let’s face it, we have very high expectations of our employees, no matter what role they play in the organization. So, when you provide your employees with the opportunity to take time out of their day to interact in a more casual and festive environment, it helps to build bonds and team unity.

Further, keeping the mood light and avoiding work-related topics (unless of course you are celebrating some fun accomplishments), lets your employees take time to recharge. And even more so, it makes them feel valued.

On the rare occasion where I worked for a company that did not provide some sort of holiday party or event, I found myself feeling a bit down. And when I asked around to find out why the company didn’t offer such a celebration, I was usually met with responses such as “well, we used to have one but then we did cost-cutting and the party was cut.”

What a feeling that left – cancelled due to lack of budget. Certainly, there are times when cutting costs is necessary, but from my experience, if the holiday party can be kept, it is a wise idea. Employees will be open to a slightly scaled back experience but will largely appreciate that the company kept the party. This makes employees valued and special.

It’s not too late to book your 2019 corporate holiday party

Surprisingly, one of the other reasons I have heard attributed to the rationale for no party was “it’s so late in the season that it will be hard to find a venue, food, and entertainment.” And quite frankly, that is so far from the truth. In fact, other than making sure your employees have enough time to plan for the event, there really is no such thing as too late. Most venues get quiet around the holiday season other than those corporate parties. Wedding season has slowed down, and the beauty of corporate parties is that they can happen any night of the week. In fact, employees love mid-week parties, especially when their employer will allow a late start the next morning. These mid-week events often run at a lower venue rental rate, and employees appreciate not having to give up their weekend.

So, keep in mind the following:

  • Yes, the earlier you set the date, the better turnout you have. But a versatile caterer and venue coordinator will likely be able to work with you to help you find a great date and location. So even if you are late to the game, don’t give up quite yet.
  • If you’re into December and haven’t booked yet, consider a January company party. This will give you some time to let the employees know about the event and generate some excitement. Not only that, but your employees will appreciate less hustle and bustle during December.
  • Per James Gonzalez, our Vice President of Operations and Corporate Sales, “Each year we do company parties for different organizations. It is always great to see their employees having a great time.  It shows what companies do for their employees and the positive impact they will make within the company.  They really do feel that appreciation. Those responsible for coordinate a corporate event should never feel it is too late. We’d rather work hard to help you find the right venue and food choices that can work with short notice than leave your employees feeling disappointed.”

Call A’BriTin Catering & Hospitality for your corporate holiday party needs  

A’BriTin Catering & Hospitality is the premiere catering provider for Minnesota businesses and residents looking to celebrate their most important occasions. Our mission is to listen to our clients and treat them like family to provide a meaningful, trusting, and lasting relationship. We have the right brand for any catering need and bring experience in all types and sizes of events. Whether it be buffet style, a formal sit-down dinner, or a series of stimulating and tantalizing food stations, you and your guests will be amazed by the core values, colorful food arrangement and display, and professionalism of A’BriTin Catering & Hospitality from beginning to end. Our ultimate goal is to complement your corporate event with a meal and service that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Our Brands:

  • Apples to Apples Catering offers an ethical farm to table catering concept using healthy ingredients fresh from local farms across Minnesota and Wisconsin.
  • This Little Piggy Catering is a premiere outdoor catering solution that has been creating lasting memories since 1979. Our specialty is creating fantastic pig roasts, including delicious and colorful Hawaiian Luaus and traditional German-style pigs with all the fixings.
  • At Distinctive Catering & Events, we align impeccable service with incredible food for all of your important events. Throughout the planning process, our Food & Beverage Coordinators are here to guide you with their kindness and trusted experience. Our chefs have the capability of customizing your appetizers, food stations, meals, desserts, and late-night snacks, making them truly distinctive to your occasion. 
  • Hitch & Sip is a fully licensed and insured liquor catering business. Our services are completely mobile, and we provide all the equipment needed to create your bar experience.

To learn more about our various brands and our unique and professional approach to catering and bartending in Minnesota, please contact us at 612-339-0222 or via email at You can also request a quote. We can’t wait to hear from you and help you create an event to remember.

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