A’BriTin Catering & Hospitality – Employee Spotlight – Vanessa Busse (Senior Food & Beverage Coordinator)

Each month at A’BriTin Catering & Hospitality, we spend time highlighting our employees. Our mission is to provide a meaningful, trusting, and lasting relationship with our customers. And this is because we believe strongly that our entire team of caterers, chefs, sales professionals, food and beverage coordinators, marketers, and more, are family. We want our clients to feel like family, too.

For this reason, we are entering month three of our tradition to take time out of our day to recognize at least one of our employees, publicly. We continue to be so proud of the amazing people that we have in our organization – every team member is invested and personally committed to ensuring our clients have an event to remember.

Vanessa Busse, Senior Food & Beverage Coordinator

This month, we are focusing on Vanessa Busse, one of our very own Senior Food and Beverage Coordinators. Vanessa’s role is critical to the wedding side of our business, as she is responsible for working with brides and grooms to create a menu and meal experience that will go down in the memory books as part of their special day.

Vanessa joined A’BriTin Catering & Hospitality in November of 2017. Before that, she worked as a waitress as well as a cashier for Kwik Trip. “The position at A’BriTin seemed like a great opportunity for me to build on the skills I learned in college while obtaining my bachelor’s degree in marketing,” Vanessa shared.

Social media and marketing were where Vanessa thought she would go with her career. However, after joining A’BriTin, she learned she loved the family feel of the organization and the ability to be a part of such a big day in someone’s life. “When I get to talk to a couple about their day, and guide them through the process, I find that I am taking a personal and vested interest in ensuring everything is perfect. And in many cases, I get to be there the day of the event and see it come together. I love seeing the happy couple and everyone else enjoying the food, and I think it is pretty cool to be a part of that.”

Working for a catering company, we get to sample amazing food

When you work for a catering company, you often get the opportunity to sample items off of the menu, especially as the seasons change. For our food and beverage coordinators, it is integral that they are familiar with the taste and presentation of every single item on the menu. This makes it easier for couples to trust in the food selections that they are making, especially if they do not have the opportunity to attend a tasting in advance of their wedding day. When planning a wedding, it is important that the caterer can answer your questions and that they are personally familiar with the menu.

Of course, we all have our menu favorites. “From the This Little Piggy Catering line, it is really hard for me to pick a favorite because everything is so awesome and there are so many options. However, if I had to narrow it down, I would say that I like the watermelon mint salad, the Oriental salad, the buffalo chicken dip with pita bread, and the shredded roast beef,” Vanessa said. “Of course, our whole-roast pig is absolutely divine, but we just have so much to choose from.”

“For Distinctive Catering, I like the rosemary steak tips, the crab bombs, and the chicken Provençale. We just added the crab bombs to the menu this year and they are amazing. However, I must admit that I am absolutely obsessed with our Apples 2 Apples menu. My all-time favorite is the butternut squash ravioli with a sage cream sauce. It is perfect for the fall when the weather starts to cool down and we are looking to enjoy comfort foods. I also love the summer salad and the celeriac and potato puree. It is a mashed potato dish that is light and airy, and it is heavenly.”

When not at work, Vanessa enjoys attending sporting events. She is a huge Minnesota Wild fan and tries to go to at least five games a season. When cooking at home, Vanessa indicated that her go-to menu items are scrambled eggs and turkey bacon because they are Keto friendly. “When you work for a catering company with the amazing chefs that we have, you get to try so many amazing foods during the work week. When I get home, I keep it simple.”

Working for a family-owned company is a great experience

A’BriTin Catering & Hospitality was started by Seth and Dawn Brittain in 2006. Originally, the company specifically leveraged This Little Piggy Catering as the primary food service. However, as time went on and more chefs were introduced to the mix, A’BriTin had the opportunity to create new brands and could cater to a larger array of tastes.

“I love working for a small, family-owned business that makes me feel like I am part of the family. It’s the culture here, and that family-feel lives in every single person. I feel appreciated and respected every day that I come to work. And, I absolutely love what I do, and who I am doing it for. I can’t imagine a better organization to work with at this point in my life. A’BriTin is my extended family, without a doubt.”

A’BriTin Catering & Hospitality has something for everyone

A’BriTin Catering & Hospitality is the premiere catering provider for Minnesota businesses and residents looking to celebrate their most important occasions. Our mission is to listen to our clients and treat them like family to provide a meaningful, trusting, and lasting relationship.

We have the right brand for any catering need and bring experience in all types and sizes of events. Whether it be buffet style, a formal sit-down dinner, or a series of stimulating and tantalizing food stations, you and your guests will be amazed by the core values, colorful food arrangement and display, and professionalism of A’BriTin Catering & Hospitality from beginning to end. Our ultimate goal is to complement your important day with a meal and service that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Our brands:

This Little Piggy-Distinctive Catering-Apples 2 Apples Catering-Hitch and Sip bar
  • Apples 2 Apples Catering offers an ethical farm to table catering concept using healthy ingredients fresh from local farms across Minnesota and Wisconsin. Follow Apples 2 Apples on Instagram and Facebook.
  • This Little Piggy Catering is a premiere outdoor catering solution that has been creating lasting memories since 1979. Our specialty is creating fantastic pig roasts, including delicious and colorful Hawaiian Luaus and traditional German-style pigs with all the fixings. Follow This Little Piggy on Instagram and Facebook!
  • At Distinctive Catering & Events, we align impeccable service with incredible food for all of your important events. Throughout the planning process, our Food & Beverage Coordinators are here to guide you with their kindness and trusted experience. Our chefs have the capability of customizing your appetizers, food stations, meals, desserts, and late-night snacks, making them truly distinctive to your occasion. Follow Distinctive Catering on Instagram and Facebook.
  • Hitch & Sip is a fully licensed and insured liquor catering business. Our services are completely mobile, and we provide all the equipment needed to create your bar experience. Follow the Hitch & Sip on Instagram and Facebook.

To learn more about our various brands and our unique and professional approach to weddings and other special events in Minnesota, please contact us at 612-339-0222 or via email at info@abritincatering.com. You can also request a quote. We can’t wait to hear from you and help you create an event to remember.

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